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BUS Grant

Dan Gates


This scheme is for England and Wales only at moment. 

  • ASHP & Biomass – grants of £5,000
  • GSHP – grants of £6,000

for homeowners. A leaflet is available here

It is payable as a voucher to the installer so homeowners will be required to pay the difference if costs of the install exceed the grant.

The scheme opens on 1 Apr. but no details or eligibility are available- this is what we know so far:

Customers to register their interest with heat pump installers

Heat pumps eligible (ASHP, GSHP and WSHP) – we do not know about air to air or other systems.

Biomass supported in small rural towns or locations (<10,000 residents)

Likely needs to be MCS products and regulations (thus <45kW installed capacity ).

Scheme is open from 1 April 2022 but details and vouchers payment will not be available till June 2022….

  1. Only for homeowners, small landlords and private landlords
  2. Only in England and Wales
  3.  Must have a valid EPC – Energy Performance Certificate
  4. On your EPC you must have no recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation. If you do, you’ll need to get these measures done and relodge your EPC before applying for the scheme
  5. BUS not available for those in social housing and new-build properties – the thinking is they have to meet a higher standard anyway under existing regulations or have other schemes such as “ECO”
  6. Exception is the ‘self builder’ – they will be eligible but details are light at moment so still risky proceeding until scheme is published. 
  7. Installation to do all your space heating and domestic hot water
  8. Solar thermal is not supported but installing it alongside the heat pump system will not make your installation ineligible. 
  9. Scotland has some support through Home Energy Scotland  -this is £5k for renewables (or insulation) but you need to be in a property rated at 72 or worse (lower “C” band rated or less), and be on benefits or other requirements.

How can Luths help?

Insight  including whole-building energy and lighting analysis, solar radiation and shading, daylighting, and heating and cooling loads analysis

  • Capex Saving
  • Opex Saving
  • Carbon Saving
  • Improved Comfort

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