Energy Assessor

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) in Scotland. 

It is a requirements to provide an EPC to any prospective buyer or tenant of a dwelling being rented or sold. 

For newbuild the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used. Send us the dimensioned drawings and we will produce an SAP EPC report for new build.

For existing buildings it will involve a visit and then a set of calculations to produce an EPC.

Selecting services to help your building to comply can have significant cost impacts, hence using qualified engineers has benefits. 

Building Services- Energy Assessor

SAP & SBEM Calculations

SAP (on construction Energy Assessor)

Energy Performance Certificates New Build Scotland

The SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is used to calculated the Energy Performance Certificates for new build in Scotland. All our SAP calculations are performed by a trained building services engineer, this means you can have peace of mind that the results are accurate with no grey areas. This can aid the EPC requirement for Building Control application. The Scottish EPC is different to the rest of the UK and the SAP EPC is more reliant on onsite renewables etc, which means our expertise in selecting solar PV or heat pumps depending on what suits your EPC requirements is accurate. We can also provide existing domestic energy assessments (DEA) for a standard EPC for rental or sale requirements.

The EPC is also a requirement for some energy schemes and grants such as ECO, Home Energy Efficiency programme and Renewable Heat Incentive. There may also be minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) for landlords. 

SBEM (Non Domestic Energy Assessor)

Energy Performance Certificates Commercial Scotland

We can also provide existing SBEM calculations for commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

"Between 36 to 62% of Energy Performance Certificates possess Errors..."

Hardy, A. & Glew, D. (2019) Energy Policy, 129.

Independent Service Engineers

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Traditionally heating/services were a standard work package handled by the trades and architects but buildings, regulations and the needs of the client have become more complex over time, and rightly so. Heating is integral to the comfort and well-being of your home/work and is only now been given proper consideration in the build. Also, often it can have the largest impact on operating cost for you in terms of bills and carbon impact over the long-term. In addition, there are a multitude of options available with renewable technologies in a fast-changing market. There can be a considerable cost benefit to have input from specialist independent building service engineers at several stages.


Sustainable Design

Over 18 years only doing low carbon and sustainable technology


Data Driven Design

Accuracy drives good decisions and saves money in plant capital and operational costs.


Practical Design

Longstanding experience of how systems interact and are delivered in the ‘real’ world. 

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Appointing an engineer to deal with the all services will save you time, money and energy!

Energy is complex!

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Lùths Services are an independent services engineering consultancy who specialise in low energy and renewable design and implementation. 

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