Ground Source Services

Ground Source Heat Pump Thermal Response Test and Consultancy for borehole sizing by independent consultants – we work UK wide.

Our onsite testing and design services include: borehole sizing; thermal response tests and detailed geological and engineering calculations 

Correctly sizing ground exchange conditions allows, in many cases, a project saving in borehole drilling costs. It also allows correct design for connections and network design which is essential for successful building service projects.

Building Services- Detailed Design

Ground Source Heat Pump Design

Geological Report and Borehole design

Let us help with your detailed ground source design. Once a set of initial geological  calculations has been done we can find the optimum balance between energy extraction and recharge rates in the ground.

We then can then specify number and depth of boreholes and pattern of drilling to minimise your capital expenditure. We do vertical, horizontal and water extraction collector designs. 

Thermal Response Test - Ground Loop

Often overlooked a good ventilation design goes hand in hand with a comfortable building.  A good design will take into account flow rates and duct sizing, duct loss and system balancing to not only achieve a good level of comfort but also reduce energy, noise and condensation issues.

Energy is complex!

our professional services Include:

Lùths Services are an independent services engineering consultancy who specialise in low energy and renewable design and implementation. 

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