Mechanical Design

Mechanical design services include a full CAD/ BIM drawing and integrated engineering calculations modelling package for heating, hot water and ventilation.

We work across the building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction. Correctly sizing thermal loads, system connections, and pipe and duct sizing is essential for successful building service projects.

Building Services- Detailed Design

Mechanical Design

Heating Design

The key to any good heating design is a detailed model and simulation tool. We use the latest dynamic software to allow us to present to the client the interactions between energy saving and required comfort in realistic conditions. Our engineers have a detailed understanding of fabric build-ups, air tightness of the envelope, heating and ventilation systems to allow realistic calculations.  

Once a set of design calculations has been done we can find the optimum balance between lowest energy use and meeting the required room comfort temperatures under average (and worst case conditions). Different options for heat sources or emitters can be quickly trialled to get the optimal solution. 

We then can then specify equipment, pipe runs and provided full 2D or 3D spatial drawings if required. 

Ventilation Design

Often overlooked a good ventilation design goes hand in hand with a comfortable building.  A good design will take into account flow rates and duct sizing, duct loss and system balancing to not only achieve a good level of comfort but also reduce energy, noise and condensation issues.

"In heating systems the room temperature being 1°C too high costs 6-11% of the annual plant energy consumption"

Energy is complex!

our professional services Include:

Lùths Services are an independent services engineering consultancy who specialise in low energy and renewable design and implementation. 

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