Overheat Study Edinburgh

Dynamic Thermal Modelling & Overheat Study- Edinburgh


– Detailed dynamic thermal modelling

– Overheat Analysis (Domestic TM59)

– Advice on solar gain mitigation

– U-Value Calculations for compliance

Services- The initial design had some large South facing glazed areas and the design team correctly identified that an overheat study would be needed to test some design ideas before the project got to construction stage.  Luths Services provided calculations as per the CIBSE TM59 domestic overheating assessment.

Dynamic Thermal modelling allows for detailed inputs including fabric, ventilation airflow, solar and equipment gains, pattern of use, local and external shading devices and accurate window opening characteristics to show immediate assessment of the complex interaction between all these factors in near real time (10 minute resolution accuracy). This assists the team in making the correct decisions for the client’s comfort and budget. 

We work closely with architects, builders and clients to give clear, impartial and actionable advice at every stage of your project. Based in Glasgow you can contact me here.

Solar Radiance
Mapping solar gain on external surfaces
Daylight analysis
Mapping internal natural light levels
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Room by Room Overheat Results
mapping overheat to individual spaces
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