Sustainable Building Services

We are independent building services engineers based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. 

We work on low carbon and renewable energy projects.

transitioning to net-zero emissions...

Be part of the road to net zero!

Are you an Eco Fan? Concerned about the climate crisis? Let us help you negotiate the complex choices facing anyone doing a new build or retrofit project.

Combining energy, heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical engineering services under a single deep green umbrella we provide a simple, cost effective and high performing solutions for a wide variety of green buildings.

Building services engineering has a significant impact and cost in terms of the installation, right the way through the lifetime energy consumed and the associated running and maintenance costs.

It is ever more complex and, in particular, with the rapid uptake of novel low energy and renewable technologies the market is changing all the time. There is significant benefit from employing an independent engineer who has prior experience of the solutions to deliver a building that can meet your demands without compromising the energy and carbon budget for the building.

The current predictions are that all buildings in the Scotland will need to be close to zero emissions by 2045- technically feasible but decarbonising these sectors are still massively challenging.