Silverburn Care Home

Project / Team

This 50 bed care home in Glasgow was actively exploring the reduction in gas usage for space heating and domestic hot water. Solar Thermal with an Air Source Heat Pump was identified as suitable technology. 

Services: Technical Survey, Thermal Modelling and Technical Feasibility. 

Client: Soltropy

Owner: Silverburn Care Home

Onsite Technical Assessment

Starting with a measured onsite survey we could assess fabric, ventilation changes, thermal bridging and internal and external gains. 

A heat loss model can be produced based on the design day conditions.

Heat Load Modelling

The property had a detailed thermal model produced in IES-VE to allow dynamic analysis on a 10 minute basis. This allows the contribution from solar thermal to be maximised as the daily contribution can be stored for use in evening or next day. 


Solar Thermal & Heat Pump Sizing

In solar thermal project this level of detail is important at the design stage as monthly estimates from generic are not accurate enough to assess thermal loads / storage volumes and so on to see if the project is feasible.

This in turn allows the capital cost to be determined with some degree of confidence. 

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Lùths Services is an independent building services engineering consultancy based in Glasgow we work all over Scotland and the UK. We have a particular expertise in energy assessment, and HVAC / M&E detailed design projects with all kinds of low carbon and renewable technology. 


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